155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201

In celebration of Zakka corp's 20th Anniversary in New York City, Jarvis Earnshaw and Decrepit Jaw are collaborating to create an event of sound performance and visual interpretation by using the bookstore environment to compose a completed piece that reflects the atmosphere of Zakka and by utilizing audio cassette tapes and recorders, the stacking of books, the rustling of pages, interior design elements, toys, and novelty items to record and mix into a complete composition.

Jarvis Earnshaw and Decrepit Jaw have named the event Interplay in reference to the interaction of two artists working together and that artistic collaboration working with the store. The performance is the equal intersection of all three parties. They hope to create an event that will serve as a bookmark in the continuing history of Zakka and its community. Serving as a dialogue about the ephemeral link between recorded sound and books as art objects, where both books and physical copies of music are designed to share creative culture.

Zakka bookstore started at Broome Street in SoHo in 1994, moved over to Grand Street in 1998 and eventually to Dumbo in 2007, where the store resides today. Weathering the transitions of the ever changing New York landscape, Zakka provides an eclectic mixture of art, literature and collectibles rooted in Japanese culture but also offers a wide selection of wares domestic and international.

Collecting sounds and imagery directly from the bookstore, the artists will reinterpret the material and perform in front of a live audience.

Decrepit Jaw is the sound project of visual artist Matthew Brennan. It began in 2008 to celebrate his nostalgia for cassette tapes and explore the dying breaths of this aging technology. He has released six albums along with several collaborations and has played all over New York including the Conflux Festival, Governors Island Art Fair, ABC No Rio and The Living Theater.

Jarvis Earnshaw, musician / photographer was born in London 1982, spent his childhood in Japan and is currently based in NewYorkCity and recently had a solo photo exhibition at the New York Public Library, Thompkin Square Branch. His work is often described as a cinematic experience, layering sounds and imagery with the use of analog equipment such as handmade audio cassette tape loops, acoustic guitars and film photography.

The artists hope to create a soundtrack for viewers to continue to explore Zakka and all it has to offer.

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