thank you
155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Shop & space ZAKKA NYC was able to reach the 20th anniversary this year.
We appreciate that all of you, artists, designers and creators support us for many years.

ZAKKA performed administration of the gallery space and various projects as well as the art, design bookstore.
However, ZAKKA has the turning point at 20 years anniversary and will close the store for a further leap once.
I aim at making the new shop with the young creators as a director of a new company in the place of this ZAKKA.
We will announce it soon about the new concept shop.

On closing the ZAKKA store, we are going to have the event "ZAKKA TREATMENT" on Aug.3rd.
ZAKKA display various archives which zakka library has and do closing sale.
I am very happy if you can join us and can enjoy the show with a drink and a performance.

Thank you very much and see you again.

Toshiki Okazaki